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How people buy your product

July 18th 2016, in Sales

Marketing works best when it connects your customer’s description of their problem with your product.

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The right type of revenue

October 21st 2013, in Sales

Don’t confuse consulting revenue, one-time deals, or charity donations with actual recurring monthly product revenue. They’re very different beasts.

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The orange juice test

September 21st 2012, in Sales

Spending money is very easy. Spending money effectively is very hard. There are lots of dodgy people & service providers out there who will promise the world, send the invoices, and deliver mediocrity six months late. Or worse.

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Understanding distribution & conversion

July 5th 2012, in Sales

The world of web analytics is full of ‘golden rules’ about dated metrics like bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit and many more. For web applications these rules are bullshit.

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