Podcast Appearances

You'll find two types of podcasts here, Des as the guest, and Des as the host. As a guest I tend to talk about everything you'd expect me to be asked about: startups, founding a company, your first customers, how to build a product, what is JTBD, and all that jazz. As a host I mostly speak to fellow intercomrades and the occasional hero of mine to ask questions I've long wanted to know the answer to.

External podcast appearances

Underscore VC Podcast: Finding product market fit using clusters of demand

I’ve known Michael for about 7 years through his talks and his work, so it was a pleasure to finally get to put a conversation on record with him, joined by Danny Crichton from TechCrunch. We talked about finding clusters of demand, minimum viable segments, and finally I spoke about a pet peeve of mine: failure to launch. Not the movie, which I’ve yet to see, but the startups who never quite get the product out the door before failing.

August 13rd 2020

Product Love Podcast: Frameworks, Feedback, Principles and more - Des Traynor from Intercom

Eric is a product obsessed guy who asked about how product works at Intercom today, how we got there, what challenges are involved in getting product, design, and engineering working seamlessly with sales, marketing, support, and finance, and lots of other stuff too. A fun chat, and there’s a write up here

August 5th 2020

Dan Martell Escape Velocity: Building The Right Product

Dan asked about everything from how Intercom started, our first releases, pricing, packaging, prioritisation, and even managing mental + physical health. This was recorded in a pre-COVID world so some answers don’t age well, forgive me.

October 14th 2019

The Indie Hackers Podcast: The path from minimum viable product to $50m a year

Courtland is amazing and the entire Indie Hackers community is incredible. I was thrilled to get to appear on the podcast. We discussed how Intercom got started, and got to where it is today and what I’ve learned along the way, from marketing, to product development and feature prioritization, to hiring, sales, and developing an effective vision that people can believe in.

August 10th 2018

TNW Conference: Des Traynor (Intercom) on Product Strategy when scaling a company

Product strategy when scaling a company, you’re perhaps better off watching the https://youtu.be/msKFWXKVfQI

July 19th 2018

Founder Coffee (Salesflare): Des Traynor Intercom

How to build great products, Intercom, personal passions, and what I’d do differently if I was to do it all again

May 29th 2018

This Week in Start Ups: Intercom co-founder Des Traynor explains exactly how to ‘build the right thing’ and scale strategically with principles, values and mission @ LAUNCH incubator

Jason was kind enough to invite me to speak to his class for a 3rd time, this time my message was entirely about how to be sure you build the right thing and build the thing right. Slides + video also available.

March 30th 2018

The Big Tech Show: The fast and the notorious

You have to include at least one Irish podcast in here. Adrian is a friend and also a great tech. journalist, so discussions with him are always fun.

January 19th 2018

Y-Combinator: Be Wary of Solving a Small, Rare Problem - Des Traynor of Intercom

This was probably my favourite ever podcast to do for two reaosns: Firstly, Craig is an excellent interviewer and secondly, if I could go back to 2006 and tell Des he’d end up on the YC podcast, it’d blow his immature little mind. It’s also been one show that has resulted in more questions, and inbound asks than any other podcast I’ve done. Topics: starting up, getting customers, content marketing, product strategy, what I learned building marketing out for 2 years, and more.

December 13rd 2017

The Official SaaStr podcast: SaaStr 155: Intercom Co-Founder, Des Traynor on Constructing The Right Brand Architecture, The Right Way To Integrate Customer Feedback Into Product Roadmap & Why There Is An Inverse Correlation Between Quality & Market Size

Harry Stebbings called me British twice in this recording so it’s remarkable I’m even including it here. But we did talk about lots of valuable start-uppy stuff. These episodes always sound like they’re recorded in a biscuit tin, no idea why.

December 11th 2017

Dorm Room Tycoon: How to make product decisions with Des Traynor

I spoke with William about Intercom’s product strategy and the central role vision formation plays within his company. Topics include prioritisation, the value of saying no to new features, and of course the jobs to be done framework.

November 26th 2017

The SaaS Revolution Show: Highs and Lows in Product and Marketing with Des Traynor

Recorded at a conference I had a great chat with Christoph Janz on every thing product-y, marketing, scaling and more.

October 27th 2017

The Heartbeat Podcast: Interview with Des Traynor, Co-founder of Intercom

Claire is incredible, she asks great questions and finds great guests (and then me). This is all about people, which is Claire’s raison d’etre

August 29th 2017

Foundr Magazine podcast with Nathan Chan: Everything you know about content marketing is wrong - Des Traynor

Nathan asked me all about how we think about content marketing, so I answered :)

July 5th 2017

Founder Chats: Des Traynor Intercom

I had a broad discussion with Josh on everything from starting startups, to education, hiring, bundling & rebundling of software and how Intercom used content marketing as a growth engine.

July 5th 2017

This Week in Start Ups: People & Product: Intercom co-Founder Des Traynor, on the importance of alignment, building a product first co., hiring by values, scaling carefully and avoiding churn

This is primarily about how to manage a growing company and the role of vision, mission, goals, strategies, tactics. I often say the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing and that’s what this talk is about.

March 14th 2017

Startupgrind.com: Executing on your roadmap - Des Traynor Intercom co-founder

This entire talk is about how to curate your roadmap, what goes into it, and why.

July 6th 2016

This Week in Start Ups: Thinking through the Funnel - Des Traynor Intercom co-founder teaches the LAUNCH incubator how to acquire and retain customers

This was a talk I gave to the Launch incubator that focussed mainly on engaging customers at each & every part of the funnel, from the landing page through to the trial period.

February 23rd 2016

Product Hunt Radio: Des Traynor

We get deep into the weeds of startup land. We discuss product market fit, advice to entrepreneurs, hiring, firing, productivity, and a lot more. More so than most podcasts this one goes deep.

January 16th 2016

Rocketship FM: Des Traynor of Intercom: on the product strategy behind Intercom

How to make difficult product decisions in respect to adding and removing features, changing pricing, and packaging the product. Also the ways I observe founders struggle with weighing feedback.

May 19th 2015

The Growth Show (HubSpot): Product Strategy with Intercom co-founder Des Traynor

Meghan is one of the best marketers around, it was great to appear alongside her on Hubspot’s podcast.

May 7th 2015

Product People: Des Traynor on the forgotton job of every SaaS company

Justin Jackson is a smart thinker when it comes to all things SaaS. We talked about onboarding, forgotten jobs of software, how customer support is the new battleground and more.

December 12th 2014

Jobs-to-be-done radio (the Re-Wired group): JTBD at Intercom: Des Traynor on jobs to be done radio

Chris & Bob taught me pretty much everything I know about jobs-to-be-done so it was cool to speak on their podcast.

February 27th 2014

The Spoolcast: Des Traynor, Strengthening our design through Microcopy

This is an oldie. Once upon a time I used to give a talk that focussed on why the text used in products is perhaps 95% of the user’s experience. This is that talk in audio form.

February 13rd 2013

Idea Magazine: Episode 3: Des Traynor

I ended up marrying the person who interviewed me on this podcast. So yeah.

August 31st 2012

Des on Inside Intercom

On the Inside Intercom podcast you will hear the team from Intercom interview makers and do-ers from the worlds of product management, design, startups and marketing. I’ve been lucky enough to interview sevaral remarkable people and, occasionally, be interviewed by members of our team.

Jared Spool on UX design

October 13rd 2016

An interview with Ryan Singer

February 20th 2013