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Startup marketing: strategies for year one

June 1st 2018, in Marketing

The most important tasks for any early stage startup are to write code and talk to users. When we started Intercom the latter was my job.

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Understanding direct and indirect competition

March 16th 2018, in Marketing

Sometimes your customers really want to use your feature or product, but they also want something else that simply isn’t compatible with it. People really want to be slim and healthy, but they also really want soft drinks and fast food.

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How Intercom got our first customers

December 12th 2017, in Marketing

There are two harsh truths for startups. 1: Until you have users, you don’t have a product. 2: Until they’re paying you, you don’t have a business.

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Q&A: How to get better at public speaking

January 4th 2017, in Marketing

This week, one of our readers emailed us to ask: “What advice would you give someone who’s just getting started with public speaking?”

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Reduce churn by re-engaging your customers

November 30th 2016, in Marketing

Churn is one of the most important metrics tracked by today’s startups. But also one of the most misunderstood.

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5 simple messages to engage your customers

October 18th 2016, in Marketing

At Intercom, we’ve worked with hundreds of our customers, helping them target messages to their customers and improve their messaging schedules.

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How to send good email – opens, clicks, conversions

October 12th 2016, in Marketing

A badly-written email is about as effective as a love letter addressed “To whom it may concern.” Don’t waste your time writing them.

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Word of mouth

March 14th 2016, in Marketing

Word of mouth is the first traffic source. You can’t put a price on its value, and it sure as hell isn’t free. You’ll only get word of mouth when the same words come out of lots of different mouths.

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What everyone needs to know about disruption

April 5th 2013, in Marketing

Every start-up from every incubator claims to be disruptive nowadays, but the claim always falls apart under any close examination. Usually it’s one of these three reasons.

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Creative advertisements

January 2nd 2013, in Marketing

Understanding the value of offline advertising is messy. Billboards, for example, are priced based on how many cars drive past them. Compared with impressions or click-throughs, that sort of metric is a joke.

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Overcoming customer inertia

December 4th 2012, in Marketing

To create an anxiety relievable only by a purchase… that is the job of advertising.

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What jobs does advertising do?

November 30th 2012, in Marketing

“Advertising on the web is easy: just calculate how much money a customer is worth, then find a way to advertise where you win customers for less than that amount. Voila! A money factory. Right?”

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Measuring Viral Distribution

October 26th 2012, in Marketing

Explanations are explanations, promises are promises, diagrams are diagrams… but only performance is reality.

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The fallacy of funnels

March 1st 2012, in Marketing

The funnel is a lousy metaphor for measuring conversion. In real life, funnels let everything pass through–a 100% conversion rate if you will.

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Why startups need a strong vision

October 18th 2011, in Marketing

Meaningful companies are built upon a strong timeless vision. Let’s look at some examples.

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