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Using cohort analysis to improve retention

June 15th 2018, in Growth

There are few issues more important than customer retention when running software-as-a-service businesses. It’s no good acquiring customers for $10, if they only stick around for a month or two.

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Trajectory matters more than state

January 12th 2018, in Growth

When you analyze your company it’s easy to look at everything in its current state.

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New book: Intercom on Starting Up

April 19th 2017, in Growth

We’ve just released a new book, Intercom on Starting Up.

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Picking a pricing strategy for your product

April 13rd 2017, in Growth

Choosing the correct pricing for your product is a daunting task—particularly if you’ve never priced anything before.

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4 ways to improve user engagement

March 3rd 2017, in Growth

The definition of an “engaged user” varies from product to product.

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Q&A: What books would you recommend to new entrepreneurs?

November 18th 2016, in Growth

This week, our question comes from Gabriele:

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Why your product is already obsolete

October 26th 2016, in Growth and Product & Design

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4 pricing principles to never forget

May 21st 2013, in Growth

“Most businesses are eventually faced with the key question: How much should we charge? There’s no one true answer. There are no gurus. There’s just you, your financials, and the need to make money.”

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Surviving and thriving in two-sided markets

August 14th 2012, in Growth

Any product serving two distinct sets of users is addressing a two-sided market. eBay connects buyers and sellers. Google connects searching consumers with advertisers. Social sites like Twitter and Facebook are also two-sided connecting consumers with advertisers.

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Chinese Gloves and Total Addressable Markets

March 23rd 2012, in Growth

The total market for coffee in America is worth about eighteen billion dollars. That’s $18,000,000,000 if you like to see zeroes. If you’re opening up a coffee shop in SOMA, is this figure relevant to you?

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You Can’t Fake Culture

November 15th 2011, in Growth

Sapient released a truly awful video today, reminding us that you can’t fake culture and you can’t buy cool.

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