Let’s try this again.

I suspect this is the longest postponed project of my life, if you don’t count my PhD. Except this one I actually finished, thanks to Mr. David Barrett. I’ve long wanted to collect all the various work I’ve done online from blog posts to podcasts to presentations, and everything in between. I also wanted a place where I could write personal pieces that have nothing to do with tech whatsoever. So here we are.

It’s definitely a bit of a building site at the moment, some links don’t work, some pieces of the design will only really make sense as more content arrives. Ship to Learn is a core Intercom product principle, so that’s what you’re looking at here.

The sad realisation in constructing this site was how many links are now simply dead and as a result how much work leaves zero legacy. There are magazines I wrote articles for that no longer exist, the domains don’t resolve and the google searches don’t help. There are presentations I’ve given where the videos have disappeared as have the conference companies. So one thing that on my mind in constructing this was to not end up sitting on another flakey third party blogging engine who can change terms and conditions on a whim.